Skjólfjörur is an intriguing beach composed of pebbles of all possible colors and sizes. However, the main attraction of this beach is undoubtedly the rock formation resembling an elephant, Ljósastapi.

You can admire the beach from a roughly 30-meter high cliff, or you can take a walk down to it.

Near Ljósastapi, there is a path leading down to the beach. Be cautious, besides the pebbles and the Ljósastapi rock, there are also numerous bird skeletons and a significant amount of driftwood.

An interesting feature is the waterfall, where the water disappears underground shortly after cascading down.

Skjólfjörur beach is located 20 kilometers east of Vopnafjörður. There is a small parking lot near the beach, accommodating about three cars. From there, it’s literally just a few meters to the beach.