Ker, sometimes also known as Þerribjörg, are sea cliffs located far to the east of Iceland.

The path to the Ker cliffs is flat and runs along the ocean’s coast. After about a kilometer, you’ll ascend a gentle hill and continue following the yellow markers to your destination. The trail is not difficult, but there are a few spots that require some agility. There are also many wetlands along the way. Flocks of sea birds often fly around the cliffs.

At the beginning of the trail to Ker, you’ll need to jump over a stream about a meter wide. Due to ongoing construction in the area, a small bridge might be built here. Along the way to the cliffs, you’ll need to cross several smaller streams.

You’ll find some traces of an old village near a small waterfall. However, don’t expect much; there’s an information board in Icelandic and beautiful views of the cliffs.

One interesting aspect of this place is its name – Landsendi – which means “end of the land.” The mountain you’ll reach is called Landsendifjall – “mountain at the end of the world.” And that’s exactly how you’ll feel. On an otherwise crowded Iceland, you’ll likely be completely alone here.