At the beginning of the path to Ker you have to jump over a stream about a meter long. Due to ongoing construction work, it is possible that a small bridge will be built here. There are several smaller streams to cross on the way to the cliffs.

The road is flat and runs along the ocean coast. After about a kilometre, you come up a slight hill and continue along the yellow trail to the finish. The path is not difficult, there are just a few places that require a bit of dexterity. And there are also many wetlands. And on the cliffs, flocks of birds fly.

Some signs of the remains of the village can be found approximately at the site of the small waterfall. Don’t expect much though, there is an information sign in Icelandic and nice views of the cliffs.

Another interesting feature of this place is its name – Landsendi – the end of the earth. The mountain you come to is called Landsendifjall – the mountain at the end of the world. And that’s how you’ll feel. In otherwise overcrowded Iceland, you’ll probably be all alone.