Stokksnes beach

Black beach with huge grass clusters and fascinating views on Vestrahorn mountains – this is Stokksnes beach, beautiful peninsula close to Höfn is anong others one of the favorite Icelandic spots for landscape photographers. It is here where the charismatic photos you can find on countless of prospects are captured. Not far away from here, there is an abandoned viking village.

How to find Stokksnes beach:

If you come from the west – from Höfn, then you can find the turnoff to the Stokksnes beach directly before you enter the tunnel on Ring Road approximately here (GPS: 64.283544, -15.050664). Take this road for about 3 kilometers and you´ll get to the parking lot. In Viking café you can have a coffee, pay the entrance fee 800 ISK/pp.

Another option on how to get here is from the other side of the mountains. In this case, go through the tunnel and turn off the Ring Road in this place (GPS: 64.303902, -14.999481) and continue until you find the parking lot at the end of the road. From here, you can take a walk to the Stokksnes beach, either taking the mountain pass way, or all around the mountains along the coast. It can take you 2-3 hours to reach the beach. And you can enjoy beautiful views all the way.
GPS coordinates of Stokksnes beach: 64.245908, -14.973231 Take me there!

Photos of Stokksnes beach: