Tungnaárfellsfoss is quite broad waterfall in the Tungnaá river, central Iceland. It is in the pristine nature (as opposed to popular Lekafossar falls nearby heavily influenced by the Krókslón water reservoir) therefore here you can inhale the pure Icelandic nature. And you´ll be probably here completely alone. Tungnaárfellsfoss can be your stop/walking detour on your way to Landmannalaugar.


How to find Tungnaárfellsfoss:

Tungnaárfellsfoss is about 800 meters/half a mile from the road F208. There is no parking place anywhere near so the motorized situation is bit tricky. Finally before you come to the waterfall, you have to cross the shoulder of the river (easy to do).

Or of course, Tungnaárfellsfoss can be on your walking trip in the central highlands. 

GPS coordinates of the Tungnaárfellsfoss waterfall: 64.117016, -19.097169 Take me there!

Photos of the Tungnaárfellsfoss waterfall: