Dynkur (a.k.a. Búðarhálsfoss) is an amazing and impressive waterfall on the Þjórsá river, the longest river in Iceland. It is in a beautiful surrounding in the highlands and due to it´s separation, you can expect an absolute privacy in the area:)

It is peaceful and calm here. So, that I have the feeling to turn the amplifier on 11 and wait for the entrance of the Children of Bodom squad:

How to Find Dynkur:

To get here is a bit tricky and do not try it with a non 4×4. Turn off the road nr. 26 here (GPS: 64.183381, -19.415755) and then let lead you by arrows and intuition. By can, you can reach tis point (GPS: 64.298919, -19.216866), then by walk. But from that point, you can already see the waterfall, so it´d be difficult to get lost. There are steep cliffs around the waterfall so be careful where you put your foot on. There might be crevasses under the moos and expecially if you are here alone, broken leg can be fatal. Be careful!
GPS coordinates of the Dynkur Waterfall: 64.338125, -19.196085 Take me there!

Photos of Dynkur: