Rauðufossar (the Red waterfalls) is a lesser known still amazing 60 meters tall waterfall in Icelandic Central highlands on the Rauðufossakvísl river. You can enjoy really stunning views from the top of the waterfall. And I tell you a secret. If you follow the river against the stream for about one hour, you´ll find the source of this river. One of the most beautiful springs you´ll ever see – Rauðauga.

How to find Rauðufossar:

is located in the Icelandic Central highlands. Park your car at this parking lot for couple of cars (GPS: 64.033524, -19.346582) and take the trail further. You will see it after 15 minut walk and reach it in after an hour.

GPS coordinates of Rauðufossar: 64.019595, -19.340232 Take me there!

Photos of the Rauðufossar waterfall: