If you want to have an Icelandic geothermal pool all to yourself, then Strútslaug might be the best option. Few places come with the sort of legend that goes: Legend says that somewhere out there in the wilderness, in places even elves fear to tread, and a bit further beyond, there’s a geothermal pool. However, although I don’t usually share my opinions too much on these pages, I didn’t find Strútslaug particularly appealing. The water was too hot for my liking and somewhat murky. Nevertheless, the surrounding scenery will take your breath away.

Park your metal, four-wheeled steed (you definitely can’t reach this area with a two-wheeler) right here (GPS: 63.843009, -18.955789). From there, you have about a 5-kilometer journey through the complete Icelandic wilderness over hills, valleys, and streams. Safe travels!