Grænihryggur is one of the icons of the Icelandic hinterland, and if you’re even slightly interested in Iceland, you’ve certainly come across a photo of Grænihryggur.

However, if you want to go right in front of Grænihryggur you have to cross the glacial river. Depending on when you head here, there will likely be a layer of snow or several snow bridges over the river. Don’t try to cross them and if you really want to go straight to Grænihryggur, cross the river!

Grænihryggur is one of those beautiful places that you really have to earn, the return journey will take you through beautiful scenery including views of the Landmannalaugar area, you will have to go down and up the hills several times, ford the springs, cross the canyon back and forth and it will take you about 8 hours.