Rauðibotn (Red Bottom) is a stunning natural formation, renowned for its unique combination of red, black, and green colors. The most beautiful feature, however, is the drop- or eye-shaped lake and the stream through which water exits the crater.

Rauðibotn is part of the Fjallabak Nature Reserve and is a must-see on your Iceland bucket list, especially if you plan to explore the interior and have a properly equipped vehicle.

The site is accessible only by a 4×4 vehicle. The approach via the F210 road from the east is easier, with no major river crossings. If you travel from the southeast via the F232 road, you will need to cross the Hólmsá River shortly before reaching the Rauðibotn parking area, which can be more challenging.

From the small, makeshift parking area, it’s about a 30-minute walk to Rauðibotn, and you can admire it both from the top of the crater and from its base.

And if you’re wondering where the water in the crater comes from, rest assured, it originates right here.