Stórhöfði is the southernmost spot on the Heimaey island and one of the windiest places in Iceland. This spot is particularly famous thanks to large numbers of puffins coming here every year to nest and breed. There is a puffin lookout on Stórhöfði where you can spend hours hidden from the wind and observe the puffins.

How to Find Stórhöfði – Vestmannaeyjar – Iceland:

Stórhöfði is the southernmost part of the Heimaey island and if you are about to come by walk, it will take you about 1 and half hour from the harbor.
GPS coordinates of Stórhöfði on Heimaey: 63.399777, -20.288544 Take me there!

Photos of the Stórhöfði – Vestmannaeyjar: