Reynisfjall – a mountain at its foot is popular Hálsanefshellir cave, mountain which offers beautiful views of Reynisfjara black beach and a cute town of Vík. And FYI, puffins love this mountain and comes here every year to breed. But be careful at the edge of the mountain. Puffins have wings, you probably don´t!

How to get on top Reynisfjall mountain:

In case you do not have a 38′ vehicle, than you have to climb Reynisfjall on your own. You can park your car on a small parking lot at the foot of Reynisfjall (GPS: 63.418608, -19.013634), from there on it is all about going uphill for 45 minutes.
GPS coordinates of the Reynisfjall mountain: 63.402673, -19.034611 Take me there!

Reynisfjall mountain photos:

foot of the Reynisfjall mountain as seen from Reynisfjara black beach
Reynisfjara black beach and Dyrhólaey as seen from Reynisfjall – you can see some puffins at the picture:)
puffins at the edge of Reynisfjall
Vík í Mýrdal as seen from Reynisfjall
Reynisfjall mountain as you can see it from Reynisfjara black beach.


A video from the top of Reynisfjall:

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