Mývatn nature baths

Mývatn nature baths (islandsky krásně Jarðböðin við Mývatn) are located in the dark shadow of the Blue Lagoon. Yet, maybe if you are interested in taking bath in geothermal spa in Iceland, you definitely do not want to miss it, at least if you are somewhere near to lake Mývatn

There are people (and I´m among them) who would choose Mývatn nature baths over the Blue Lagoon

How to find Mývatn nature baths:

Whoa, that´s a bit tricky, but you can find it east of Lake Mývatn

GPS coordinates of Mývatn nature baths: GPS 65.630996, -16.847755 Take me there!

Photos of Mývatn nature baths:


Mývatn nature baths – video: