Námafjall is a volcanic mountain (no surprise in Iceland, right?) which can offer you beautiful views over the greater lake Mývatn area on one side and the Hverir geothermal fields and further inside the central Iceland on the other side.

How to find Námafjall:

You can find Námafjall in the North east Iceland in the lake Mývatn area just over the Hverir geothermal fields. There are two options on how to reach the summit from the Hverir (parking lot). Either you go up to the left, this path is steeper, or you take the path on the right (following the Ring Road). This path is easier to go. And sure, you can join this paths and make a loop. That takes about an hour.

GPS coordinates of Námafjall Mountains : 65.638115, -16.817254 Take me there!

Photos of the Námafjall mountain: