Meradalir volcano eruption

On the afternoon of August 3, 2022, the ground opened up in the plains of the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland and lava began to flow to the surface. The volcano is located near the Fagradalsfjall volcano, which was active throughout the middle of 2021.

How do you get to Maradalir volcano?

Park in one of the parking lots designated for viewing the Fagradalsfjall crater, ideally right next to the crater (GPS: 63.866345, -22. 316711), the shortest way from there and follow Route A (Route A – Gönguleið A) until you reach the lava field – roughly here (GPS: 63.887779, -22.281512) and follow the edge of the lava field further and further, this will take you to the top where you can see the volcano in the Meradalir valley. The walk takes about an hour and forty minutes (one way).

GPS 63.902207,-22.248168 Take me there!

Some photos for your inspiration:



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