Grindavík camping site

One of the most modern and posh campsites in Iceland, that is exactly this campsite in Grindavík. Spacious common area with kitchen, showers (in price included) and Nettó supermarket nearby. And the Blue Lagoon is literally just over the Þorbjörn volcanic hill.

If you start your Icelandic journey right here, you should not expect all the other icelandic campsites to look alike Grindavík campsite:) C´est la vie..

There is just one thing you might not like. The common space, the kitchen and showers are locked at night (10 p.m. – 8 a.m.) so if you come late from your daytrip, you cannot use these amenities.

How to find the Grindavíku campsite:

The camp is situated in eastern part of the Grindavík town next to the road nr. 427 few meters (yards) from the swimming pool.
GPS coordinates of the Grindavík campsite: 63.843007, -22.421975 Take me there!

Grindavík campsite photos: