Abandoned viking village film set

Not far from one of Iceland’s most famous photo locations, the grass-covered beach of Stokksnes, there is an abandoned Viking village. Although it isn’t entirely authentic, as it was built as a set for a TV series or film (which, in the end, was never filmed), this won’t bother those with an explorer’s spirit.

If you’re traveling along the Ring Road from the west, from the town of Höfn, turn towards Stokksnes Beach just before entering the tunnel at approximately this location (GPS: 64.283544, -15.050664). Then drive about 3 kilometers along the gravel road. You’ll reach a parking lot. At the local café, you can pay the entrance fee of 800 ISK per person, enjoy a coffee, or stay at the local campsite. From there, you can continue to the abandoned Viking village, which is about a 15-minute walk away.

Option 2 is to drive through the tunnel on the Ring Road and turn towards the sea at this location (GPS: 64.303902, -14.999481). Then continue along the gravel road to the parking lot at its end. From there, you can head to the abandoned Viking village by walking across Stokksnes Beach, either bravely over the mountain pass or less daringly but still interestingly along the coastline. You will have beautiful views of the Vestrahorn cliffs either way. This hike will take about 3 hours, and there are no toll gates on this route.