Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is a mysterious nickname for Eystri and Vestri Fellsfjara beaches. In these places, the sea returns pieces of ice to the shore during high tide, which float away from the glacial lagoon – Jökulsárlón. If you’re used to diamonds being only a few millimeters in diameter, the ice diamonds here often measure more than a meter across. Unlike real diamonds, however, they don’t last long.

If you’re looking for Diamond Beach and ask an Icelander, they might not understand you or know where to direct you. Like the Golden Circle, Diamond Beach is purely a marketing name without any basis in Icelandic history or culture. If you want to use the local Icelandic name for this place, it is Eystri- or Vestri-Fellsfjara, depending on which side of the Jökulsá River you are on. This entire area is on the Breidamerkursandur coast.

Diamond Beach is located close to the glacial lagoon. If you want to take a walk from the Glacial Lagoon to the beach, you can go under the bridge without having to cross the road. You will find Diamond Beach on both sides of the Jökulsá River.