Sticafoss is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating yet overlooked waterfalls in Iceland. Similar to Seljalandsfoss, there is a cave behind the waterfall, allowing you to walk behind it and enjoy it from all angles (but be very careful, as erosion causes variously sized rocks to fall from the ceiling).

If you visit this waterfall, you won’t regret it. I promise! Unlike the crowds around Seljalandsfoss, you will most likely be alone here.

You can find this waterfall near the F249 road between the aforementioned Seljalandsfoss and the Þórsmörk area. There are a few small fords along the way, so you will need a larger vehicle (ideally 4×4). If you don’t have one, or if you have a rental car and prefer not to drive through rivers, the first ford is about 5 kilometers before Sticafoss, and you can cross the rivers on foot if necessary. If you do drive here, the best place to park is approximately here (GPS: 63.680097, -19.754969). From there, head towards the cliffs, and you will reach Sticafoss in about 45 minutes.