Glymur, standing at 198 meters, was once the tallest waterfall in Iceland. However, it recently lost this title to the Morsárfoss waterfall. Regardless, if you have some time, Glymur is a must-visit location in Iceland.

Glymur is located in the western part of Iceland, near the Hvalfjörður fjord, approximately 60 kilometers northeast of Reykjavik. From Road 47, turn off here (GPS: 64.385608, -21.355115) and continue for about 3 kilometers on a gravel road to the parking area (GPS: 64.385353, -21.294467).

Reaching Glymur waterfall is not particularly easy. From the parking lot, you will need to embark on a roughly 50-minute hike with an elevation gain of about 230 meters. To see Glymur in all its glory, cross the Botnsá river using a prepared log and head up along the left bank of the river. This way, you’ll have a perfect view of the waterfall.

Alternatively, if you’re not comfortable crossing the log, you can continue upwards and enjoy the view of the waterfall from that side. You can also ford the river at the top.

Whichever side you choose, you can return via the opposite bank for a different perspective on your way back.