Helgufoss is just 12 meter tall and small waterfall in greater REykjavík area. It is on the pathway known as The Laxness trail (Halldór Laxness is the most famous Icelandic writer and the only Icelandic Nobel price laureate) or the Poets path. The Helgufoss waterfall can be one of your stops while discovering the nature close to Reykjavík.


How to find Helgufoss:

Turn off the road nr. 36 here (GPS: 64.187533, -21.541379) and continue for few hundred meters/yds until you reach the parking lot (GPS: 64.179703, -21.532837). From here on the waterfall is about 10 minutes to go.

GPS coordinates of the Helgufoss waterfall: 64.174812, -21.531961 Take me there!

Photos of the Helgufoss waterfall: