Geothermal pool with amazin views over the Hvalfjörður. It is forbidden to have a bath here because the water temperature cannot be controlled and the water can be dangerously hot.

How to Find Hvalfjarðarlaug:

This geothermal pool is situated on the south shore of Hvalfjörður and it is quite close to Reykjavík (just about 50 kilometers (35 miles). It is hard to find a parking place since the area is not accessible for cars (except the property owners). There is quite a really nice parking lot (GPS: 64.359839, -21.546462), from here, it is approx. 30 mins to go.

GPS coordinates of Hvalfjarðarlaug Natural Geothermal pool: 64.372263, -21.566213 Take me there!

Photos of the Hvalfjarðarlaug Natural Geothermal pool: