Abandoned whalers in Hvalfjörður

A bit apart from the attention of passers-by, there are two whaler just few meters from the Ring Road standing still and waiting to be eaten by time. And there is a nice view of Hvalfjörður as well. Short time visit? Why not! 

How to find Hvalfjörður whalers:

Two former whalers are beached just stone´s throw away from Ring Road. But they are so well hidden that if you don´t know about them, you will miss them for sure. Here is a place you can park for a second (GPS: 64.394550, -21.435140), from here on just go straight to the sea.
GPS coordinates of whalers in Hvalfjörður: 64.393777, -21.438175 Take me there!

Hvalfjörður whaler photos: