Látrabjarg is 14 kilometers long cliff where each and every year tens of thousands of migratory birds (and of course puffins as well) comes to build their nest(holes). Látrabjarg is the westernmost point of Iceland (but not of Europe).

If you plan to visit Westfjords, do not miss this place!!!

How to find the Látrabjarg cliff:

Látrabjarg is located at the very end of the Westfjords, at the end of the road nr. 612. After parking your ca, just go up the hill and then you can continue for several kilometers just straight.
GPS coordinates of Látrabjarg: 65.501949, -24.531151 Take me there!

Photos taken at Látrabjarg:

puffin at Látrabjarg
puffin leaves Látrabjarg
Westernmost point of Iceland, but not in Europe (Azores are..)
close to puffins at Látrabjarg
close to puffins at Látrabjarg
so close to puffins at Látrabjarg
taking a shot of puffin at Látrabjarg
Látrabjarg cliff
Látrabjarg cliff
newborn bird babies at Látrabjarg


Puffins at Látrabjarg – video:


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