Kárnafit campsite by Látrabjarg

Just few kilometers from beautiful cliffs of Látrabjarg and on the place of former fishing village, you can find this really spartan campsite (Kárnafit).

There is no camp fee (at least yet), on the other hand, you won´t find here anything but a place to pitch a tent. That´s it. There are toilets nearby at the parking lot without drinkable water. But for fresh water, you can use the stream nearby. It is safe, you are in Iceland!

How to find Látrabjarg campsite:

This camp is located next to the road leading to Lábtrabjarg cliffs. Right after you miss the last village of Westfjords – Breiðavík, there is this camp. About 2 kilometers before the road ends at Látrabjarg.
GPS coordinates of  the camp by Látrabjarg: 65.512981, -24.496262 Take me there!

Photos of the camp by Látrabjarg: