A huge crater you can enjoy from its edge and take a look into. To walk around the edge will take you an hour, that’s how huge it is! On one side, you can enjoy the view into the crater and on the other side you can see the Dimmuborgir lava fields, Skútustaðagígar pseudo craters, and quite simply, the whole surrounding area of Lake Mývatn.

How to find Hverfjall:

Hverfjall crater is east of Lake Mývatn. Turn off the road nr. 848 here (GPS: 65.610892, -16.917781) to the gravel road. After about a kilometer (half mile) you will encounter a crossing. Go left and continue straight forward. Then you are at the foot of the Hverfjall crater and after 1200 meters (0,7 miles) there is a parking lot. From there on, you have to travel by foot.
GPS coordinates of Hverfjall Crater: 65.608962, -16.877643 Take me there!

Hverfjall Crater photos:


Hverfjall Crater video: