Hlauptungufoss waterfall south Iceland

Hlauptungufoss is not a huge waterfall, but it is definitely a beutiful waterfall poping up in the middle of nowhere. One of the icelandic most undiscovered beauties. But nowdays, it becomes more popular, as the walking path to Brúarfoss leads next to it. You can come really close to the thundering water (similarly as near as to the Dettifoss or the Hrafnabjargafoss waterfall) and feel the power of nature. Be as cautious as possible!

How to find Hlauptungufos:

Hlauptungufoss is now on a walking path leading to the famous (formerly hidden) Brúarfoss waterfall. You can park your car here (GPS: 64.240128, -20.523870) and from there on it is about 30 minutes to go on your own.

GPS coordinates of the Hlauptungufoss waterfall: 64.253201, -20.516948 Take me there!

Photos of the Hlauptungufoss waterfall: