Fardagafoss in on of many ‘second class’ of Icelandic waterfalls. Beautiful nature around it and 20 minutes long hike to it from the parking lot might be good reason for you to consider a stop here. There is even another no name waterfall along the way.

According to a legend, there is a hidden treasure in the cave behind the waterfall. No one has ever found it – yet!, so maybe it is just waiting for you!

How to find the Fardagafoss waterfall:

Fardagafoss is situated close to the road nr. 93 approx. 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) east of Egilsstaðir (direction Seyðisfjörður). From the parking lot (GPS: 65.267572, -14.332954), you have to go for about 20 minutes on your own against the stream.
GPS coordinates of the Fardagafoss waterfall: 65.267255, -14.323281 Take me there!

Fardagafoss waterfall photos:

Fardagafoss waterfall in Egilsstaðir
Fardagafoss waterfall in Egilsstaðir
A view from Fardagafoss to Egilsstaðir
Fardagafoss waterfall in Egilsstaðir
A no name waterfall on your way to Fardagafoss
Fardagafoss waterfall in Egilsstaðir


Fardagafoss waterfall video:


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