Dynkur (also known as Búðarhálsfoss) is a truly impressive waterfall on the Þjórsá River (Iceland’s longest river). Due to its location completely off the main roads (it’s even off the F-roads), there’s a great chance you won’t encounter anyone here. I spent a day and a night here without seeing anyone around, which has its downside—if something happens and there’s no signal, you’re on your own.

It’s beautiful, serene, and peaceful.

Getting here is a bit tricky, so definitely don’t attempt it with a shopping cart-type car. Turn off from Highway 26 here (GPS: 64.183381, -19.415755), and then follow your instincts and GPS coordinates. The closest you can get to the waterfall by car is precisely to these coordinates (GPS: 64.298919, -19.216866). From there, it’s a hike, but once you see the waterfall in sight, I trust you won’t get lost. There are steep cliffs around the waterfall, and there may be gaps between the rocks covered in moss. If you’re alone, be extra careful where you step; a broken leg could be fatal. Seriously.