Abandoned DC-3 plane wreck

Iceland is full of all possible abandoned houses, objects and machines (but many of them just looks non functional). But there is one of them which stands above all, at least in popularity is. This particular one is a plane wreck of an old US military plane Dakota DC-3 which crash landed on Sólheimasandur beach on November 24th 1973. It is popular stop in Iceland even for people who are not particularly not interested in abandoned places (which means that you are never alone here). 

It is really nice and surprising place to be, but with so many interesting spots in Iceland if you are in hurry (you try to make the whole Ring Road in a week or even less), you can leave this place to others, since it takes at least 3 hours (2 of them you walk through the desert landscape) to visit and enjoy this place. 

How to find  DC-3  Sólheimasandur:

The way to the abandoned DC-3 is more complicated that it used to be in the past. The landowners have banned the cars from driving on the beach so you have to go there on your own from the parking lot next to the Ring Road (GPS coordinates: 63.491082, -19.363092). From there you have to go for about 45 minutes on foot direction Atlantic Ocean.
GPS coordinates of the abandoned plane wreck DC-3: 63.459028, -19.364719 Take me there!

Photos of the DC-3 plane wreck:

Video of the abandoned plane wreck DC-3: