Kvernufoss (also called Kvarnarhólsárfoss) is one of lesser known Icelandic waterfall on Kverna river. It is 40 meters (131 ft) heigh and is situated in beautiful ravine approx. 10 minutes to go from the nearest parking lot. Kvernufoss will probably never make it into Icelandic ‘top 10’ and moreover, Kvernufoss is in the shadow of its more famous ‘colleague’ Skógafoss nearby. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to it, at least if you like your privacy. While there is always loads of people by Skógafoss, you can be all alone by Kvernufoss. And as in case of Seljalandsfoss waterfall, even here you can go behind the falling water and enjoy an unusual view.

The easiest way to get to the Kvernufoss waterfall is to park in front of Skógar museum (GPS: 63.525908, -19.493110). From here on you go over the fence and then straight to the river Kverna, turn to the left and you are there in 5 minutes.