Tófufoss is last of the serie of waterfalls in the Bessastaðaá river before the stream reaches the mighty Jökulsá á Dal. There are definitely a more interesting waterfalls in the area. Hengifoss (with Litlanessfoss along the way) or Strútsfoss– one of the tallest waterfall in Iceland. You don´t want to miss any of these two!


How to find Tófufoss:

Tófufoss is quite close to the road nr. 933. There is nothing like parking lot anywhere near here, just a spot, where you can leave your car for a limited time about here (GPS: 65.049055, -14.933287). Look for the ‘walking bridge’ – so called ‘A’ over the sheep fence, the waterfall is less than 5 minutes away.
GPS coordinates of the Tófufoss waterfall: 65.051391, -14.940685 Take me there!

Photos of the Tófufoss waterfall: