Strútsfoss is a two drop waterfall and when combined, Strútsfoss is approx. 180 meters tall, so the third tallest waterfall in Iceland. The water drops in a magnificent canyon sou you can experience a walk through history and volcanic explosions by decrypting all these layers. To come to see Strútsfoss is not an easiest task, it requires about an hour long hike but it is 100% worth. Actually and to be perfectly honest, you cannot even come easily close to the waterfall itself, and unless you are super experienced group of hikers/climbers, you should not attempt to go any closer. But the views are amazing and rewarding. And there won´t be much people anywhere near here.

If you like the hike, the area, the shapes and colors of the Strútsfoss waterfall, there is an another quite similar waterfall not far away – Hengifoss. You can try it too:)!


How to find and get to Strútsfoss:

 There is a parking lot for your car. From there on, there is a path you can follow. It takes 45 to 60 minutes to come to the viewpoint.

GPS coordinates of the Strútsfoss waterfall: 64.894028, -15.022262 Take me there!

Photos of the Strútsfoss waterfall: