Strútsfoss, with its nearly 180 meters, is the third-highest waterfall in Iceland. The water cascades into a breathtaking canyon, and if you decipher all the layers and colors, you can embark on a fascinating journey through history. Visiting Strútsfoss isn’t exactly easy; you’ll need to take an hour-long walk, but it’s worth it. To be completely honest, you won’t get very close to the waterfall itself, and unless you’re a group of experienced climbers, you shouldn’t even try. Nevertheless, the surroundings and views are stunning, and you’ll likely have them all to yourself, which is a rare treat in Iceland.

If you enjoy the trek, the scenery, and the shapes and colors of Strútsfoss waterfall, there’s another similar waterfall nearby for you – Hengifoss.

Drive to the parking lot where the trail begins, and from there, embark on a 45-60 minute hike to Strútsfoss waterfall.