Krosslaug – Westfjords

A geothermal pool combined with a swimming pool on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. Do not confuse it with an another natural geothermal pool of the same name Krosslaug (Reykir) in the West of Iceland.

How to Find Krosslaug – Westfjords:

This hot pool is situated at the south coast of the Westfjords about 15 kilometers (10 miles) west from Flókalundur on the road nr. 62. And 17 kilometers (10,5 miles) west from an another geothermal pool РHellulaug.

GPS coordinates of Krosslaug – Westfjords natural geothermal pool: 65.51946, -23.405144 Take me there!

Photos of the Krosslaug geothermal pool: