Geothermal pool in the heart of the Westfjords, on the shore of Mjóifjörður, that is Hörgshliðarlaug.

Before you put your toe into the pool, go to ask for a permission to the farm Hörgshlið (GPS: 65.831019, -22.628762). Actually, you can do it on your way here and you don´t have to go back.

How to Find Hörgshliðarlaug:

Hörgshliðarlaug is situated almost at the end of one of many fjords on Westfjords next to the road nr. 643 on its east side. So if you want to come here and have a bath, you have to turn off the road nr. 61.
GPS coordinates of Hörgshliðarlaug geothermal pool: 65.831019, -22.628762 Take me there!

Photos of the Hörgshliðarlaug geothermal pool: