Höfði house in Reykjavík is is one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Reykjavík additionally with quite interesting story. The house was transported in kit from Norway in 1909 to assembly. It´s most famous moment was in 1986 when the presidential meeting of Ronald Regan and Michail Gorbatchev took place right here. As the meeting is considered by many as the end of the Cold war, maybe therefore, 30 years late,  Reykjavík obtained a slab of the Berlin wall as a gift from Berlin/Germany, which is placed nearby. Höfði house is not accesible to the public (you can just come to explore it from the outside), it serves as the meeting point of VIPs.

How to Find Höfði:

In the Reykjavík 105 area inbetween Borgartún and the cold waters of the Atlantic.

GPS coordinates of Höfði: 64.146489, -21.906274 Take me there!

Photos of Höfði: