Heimaklettur means ‘the home rock’, it was created as an underglacial eruption 13 000 years ago and it is the oldest part of the Heimaey island. And with its 283 meters (928 feets) it is the highest point of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago. And there are amazing views from the top, around the Heimaey island, the archipelago and to the mainland with the infamous volcano Eyjafjallajökull.

How to find and get to Heimaklettur:

As the highest peak of the whole archipelago, you cannot miss it. Heimaklettur is situated close to the port and if you come to visit Vestmannaeyjar by boat, you´ll see it on your right while arriving. To hike up is not an easiest task, there are some ladders and ropes you have to deal with. Please – for your own safety – do not climb Heimaklettur after the heavy rain or when it is icy.
GPS coordinates of the Heimaklettur mountain: 63.448175, -20.267885 Take me there!

Heimaklettur photos: