Goðafoss Waterfall (Waterfall of the Gods) is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. It’s not its height, which is ‘only’ 10 meters, that makes it remarkable, but rather the color of the water, which stands out beautifully in good weather, its horseshoe shape reminiscent of Niagara Falls, and the way you can enjoy it up close.

Like many other places, Goðafoss Waterfall has its own story, which is closely tied to the year 1000. During this time, the Icelandic parliament Alþing was deliberating on adopting Christianity as the official religion of Iceland. The decision was entrusted to the then-law speaker Þorgeir Ljósvetningagoði Þorkelsson. After a day and night of contemplation, Þorgeir announced that Iceland would become Christian, but pagans could continue to privately practice their religion.

As a symbol of the conversion to Christianity and the renunciation of the old Norse gods, Þorgeir is said to have thrown his statues of the Norse gods into the waterfall upon returning home. Hence the name Goðafoss – the Waterfall of the Gods.

Þorgeir’s act is often considered a significant moment in Icelandic history, marking a peaceful transition from paganism to Christianity, which helped to unify the country.

Goðafoss Waterfall is located about halfway between Lake Mývatn and the town of Akureyri, just a few dozen meters from Route 1, so you definitely can’t miss it. If you are coming from the east – from Akureyri, you will see Goðafoss several kilometers in advance.