Aldeyjarfoss – one of the hidden gems of Iceland. It can easily steal your heart.

Aldeyjarfoss by its shape is beautiful combination of Svartifoss (thanks to its basalt columns) and Háifoss thanks to the shape of running water. It is on the river Skjálfandafljót in the middle of desert like landscape, what adds to its peculiarity. Although with only 20 meters (in Iceland, there is a lot of even taller no name waterfalls), this waterfall has its special charm. Additionally, it is far away from the main touristic attraction, so you are not just . Right here by Aldeyjarfoss waterfall you can meet the pure icelandic nature. If you are about to come here, I bet you´ll stay much longer than you supposed to. Enjoy!

How to find Aldeyjarfoss waterfall:

Aldeyjarfoss waterfall is located around 40 kilometers south of Ring Road and Goðafoss waterfall on the road nr. 842 and then approx. 4 kilometres on the road F26. In the dry summer days, you can make it to the waterfall even with standard 2WD car. Then from the parking lot (with toilet) is the waterfall just few hundred meters.
GPS coordinates of the Aldeyjarfoss waterfall: 65.366448, -17.337129 Take me there!

Photos of the Aldeyjarfoss waterfall:

Video vodopád Aldeyjarfoss:


Aldeyjarfoss waterfall featured as the first one in this collage of icelandic waterfalls: