You can find the Glanni waterfall on the Norðurá river. It is not one of these top 10 Iceland, but it is surrounded by beautiful green rich nature and if you are on the Ring Road, you want to take a rest from all these 100+ meters tall wateralls, and crowds of people, here is your chance for it.  

How to find Glanni:

Glanni waterfall is situated in the west of Iceland, 20 kilometers (12 miles) North East of Borgarnes next to the Ring Road and close to the Grábrók crater. You can park your car here (GPS: 64.755890, -21.548398) and continue on your own to the waterfall. It is just couple of minutes away. 
GPS coordinates of the Glanni waterfall: 64.753576, -21.547435 Take me there!

Glanni waterfall photos:


Glanni waterfall video: