Geothermal pool Fosslaug is next to the Reykjafoss waterfall. The stream comes from the crack in the stone what is quite interesting. Perfect place for rest.

How to find Fosslaug geothermal pool:

You can find Fosslaug on a small island between the Huseyjarkvisl river and an artificial channel. It is just 5 mins to go from the parking lot (GPS: 65.499083, -19.379456).
GPS coordinates of the Fasslaug geothermal pool: 65.494227, -19.383613 Take me there!

Fosslaug geothermal pool photos:

Fosslaug geothermal pool
on the way to the Fosslaug geothermal pool
Reykjafoss – a waterfall next to the Fosslaug geothermal pool

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