Drífandi í Fljótshlíð

Drífandí waterfall will definitely make your ride around the Ring Road experience better. You should not confuse this waterfal with other one of the same name Drífandí far in the remote region of Hornstrandir – Westfjords.

How to find Drífandi í Fljótshlíð:

Drífandí í Fjótshlíð is clearly visible from the Ring Road, and is in close vicinity to one of the ‘ Icelandic top 10’ or ‘must go’ if you want – Seljalandsfoss
GPS coordinates of the Drífandi í Fljótshlíð waterfall: 63.604469, -19.975290 Take me there!

Drífandi í Fljótshlíð waterfall photos:


Drífandi í Fljótshlíð waterfall video: