abandoned plane by Þórshöfn

An older – and in contrast to its more famous brother in war – an abandoned DC-3 on Sólheimasandur, this unfamous plane wreck of R4D-6 stands here still for more than 50 years. Despite the original plans, the plane wreck has never been picked up nor repaired. Therefore it rests here in calm as a casual shelter for sheeps and as a place of interest for the few tourist admirers, who, probably accidentally visit this forgotten part of Iceland and at least know, that something like this stands here.

How to Find abandoned plane by Þórshöfn

The plane is located just off the (still recognizable) former Langanes airfield approx. 5 km north from Þórshöfn. You can park your car here (GPS: 66.252317, -15.259764) and continue just straight by walk for about 500 meters.

GPS coordinates of abandoned plane by Þórshöfn Abandoned places : 66.250808, -15.276079 Take me there!

Photos of the abandoned plane by Þórshöfn: