Serie of waterfalls in the Vestdalsa river near Seyðisfjörður. If you come to Iceland by boat, this place can be the introductory place for you to meet the diverse beauty of Icelandic nature, high hills, fjord, and dozens of waterfalls at one place. Directly under the ridge with Sandhólatindur (1154 m.s.n.) as its highest peak in the area (covered with snow for almost all year round).

How to find Vestalsfossar waterfalls:

Vestdalsfossar are located approx. 3 kilometers north east of Seyðisfjörður (along the coast). You can park on a tiny parking lot nearby (GPS: 65.283759, -13.974654).
GPS coordinates of  Vestdalsfossar: 65.285851, -13.979274 Take me there!

Photos of Vestdalsfossar: