Rent a campervan in Iceland

Campervans are in the summer months quite a popular choice for those who are looking for independent mobility. They combine an accommodation with mobility and you can choose from all possible combinations of the size and passability.

There is a huge variety pf options starting with small 2WD guys like Dacia Dokker or Citroen Berlingo suitable for 2 people via big fat guys like Renault Master or Volkswagen Crafter offering a space to live and sleep for up to 6 people to terrain guys like Land Rover Defender.

Please take into consideration, that even in a campervan you are NOT allowed to stay overnight outside the designated camping areas!

Some of the companies offering to rent a campervan in Iceland:

affordable campers

happy campers

camper iceland

snail IS

kukú campers


Nordic campers

GO campers


Rent Is

Cozy Campers

Mini Campers

Iceland campervans

Campervan Reykjavík