Mígandi is one of the tallest waterfall in Iceland, with 100 meters, it shares the 8th position with Granni in the Southwest. But what makes this waterfall really special is that it empties directly into the ocean, into the waters of the fjord Eyjafjörður. So the best way on how to see it is from the boat. As this particular area is probably the most popular area in Iceland to see whales, the opportunity is always here. The other option is to see it from the ferry to the Grímsey island, then you´ll see Mígandi on your left after about 45 minutes.

But sure, you can see it from the mainland as well. In such case the whale watching in the waters nearby can be a nice benefit.


How to find Mígandi:

Mígandi is situated about 8 kilometers (5 miles) north from the town Dalvík near the road nr. 82, approximately at the place, where the road starts to elevate to the tunnel. It is not easy – or rather say it is impossible to see it from the road (unless it is so windy, that the waterfall ‘falls up’ which is not uncommon in Iceland). There is a small let say parking lot next to the road and from there on, you can already see the waterfall. Then, you can go closer.

GPS coordinates of the Mígandi waterfall: 66.066263, -18.525902 Take me there!

Photos of the Mígandi waterfall: