Hofskirkja. If you’re traveling between the town of Vík and the Glacier Lagoon, this little turf church, covered in grass, almost becomes a pilgrimage site and a major reason to stop. The availability of restrooms might come in handy as well.

You’ll find Hofskirkja in the village of Hof in Öræfi, in southeastern Iceland. It’s one of the last turf churches built, exemplifying a traditional construction method that used natural materials like sod and stone to blend with the landscape. This style was common in Iceland due to the scarcity of wood, which needed to be conserved. Built in 1884, Hofskirkja is still active and is also a protected monument. The church’s architecture, with a grass-covered roof, not only provides insulation but also beautifully integrates with the surrounding environment, making it a picturesque spot that captures the essence of Iceland’s historical and cultural heritage.