Gásir – medival trading place

Gásir is located on the

Gásir is located on the shores of the Eyjafjörður fjord, approximately 11 kilometers north of Akureyri. Historically, it was the largest trading center in northern Iceland, operating mainly during the summer months.

The market was active from the 12th century until the early 15th century, when it declined and the main trading activities moved elsewhere. Gásir was crucial for trade between local residents and foreign merchants, especially from Norway and other parts of Scandinavia. Here, fish, animal hides, wool, and other products were exchanged for goods that were unavailable in Iceland, such as metals, wood, and luxury items.

Today, Gásir is known for its archaeological excavations, which have revealed the foundations of several buildings and a large number of artifacts. Each year, historical reenactments are held here, allowing visitors to experience what life was like at a medieval market and participate in various medieval activities.