Flatey (Breiðafjörður)

Flatey island was abandoned until the seventies, when former landowners tend to come back from time to time to enjoy the unique spirit of the remote and calm area. From that time, even some permanent inhabitants came to live here. Now the Flatey island is popular area to experience for its coloured houses and icelandic spirit with thousands of breeding birds during the summer time.

How to find and get to the Flatey island (Breiðafjörður):

The easiest way is to take the ferry from Stykkishólmur (1,5 hours ride) or from Brjánslækur – Westfjords (1 hour ride). You can grab the ferry tickets here.

GPS coordinates of Flatey (Breiðafjörður): 65.372461, -22.926728 Take me there!

Photos from the Flatey island (Breiðafjörður):