Bunárfoss is a nice waterfall in the Tungudalur valley not far away . It can easily allure you thanks to its beautiful surrounding. You can climb up the hill along the steep river with waterfall. There are nice views into the valley, you can go back, take the way direction Ísafjörður or you can have it as an initial climb and from the top, you can continue your hiking route further into mountains. Bunárfoss waterfall makes the Tungudalur valley so beautiful! 

How to find Bunárfoss:

Búnarfoss waterfall is approximately 4 kilometers west from Ísafjörður in the Tungudalur valley. If you come here from the south, you can see it right after you exit the tunnel.

GPS coordinates of the Bunárfoss waterfall: 66.062901, -23.207388 Take me there!

Photos of the Bunárfoss waterfall: