Tungudalur campsite by Ísafjörður

This campsite is located in a beautiful valley Tungudalur (hence the name). It is perfectly equipped with kitchen (electric kettle, electric stove, micro oven, toaster), showers (in price included), washing machine and dryer, barbecue area and nice view of. This is a perfect starting point for many treks and hikes through a beautiful nature, f.e. just up the stream of the Buná river which flow through the campsite to the Bunárfoss waterfall and further up the hill. There is a beach volleyball field here, but I do not know if it is a part of the camp or not. You have to ask.

How to find the Tungudalur campsite:

You can find the Tungudalur campsite approx 5 kilometers (3 miles) west from Ísafjörður.
GPS coordinates of the Tungudalur campsite: 66.060472, -23.204433 Take me there!

Tungudalur campsite photos: